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We’re proud to offer babies and their parents the largest range of modern cloth nappies in Canberra, with no less than 16 awesome brands to choose from. Many of them are Aussie-owned, and some are even fellow Canberrans! With these Australian cloth nappies, you can support local businesses at the same time as you support Mother Nature - and she needs it.

Environmentally sustainable parenting for your babies future.

In Australia, we’ve got an estimated 800 million nappies clogging up our landfills every year, polluting the air with methane and taking hundreds of years to break down.

As an eco-conscious parent, you want to make the best choices for your baby whilst ensuring they have a beautiful planet to grow up into. Reusable nappies, especially modern cloth nappies, are a great step to take.

We at B Eco Family, along with the brands we stock, are here to help you reduce the environmental impact of your little one’s hygiene.

Modern cloth nappies (MCNs) are fitted, washable, and made from absorbent materials, usually with a waterproof outer lining.

When you’re choosing between disposable nappies, terry cloth square nappies, and MCNs, the bottom line is that modern cloth nappies have the comfortable, easy-fit shape of disposable nappies, but with the eco-friendly reusability of cloth nappies.

At B Eco Family, we think modern cloth nappies are the bee’s knees, but we know it can be hard to make the switch.

Types of cloth nappies in stock at B Eco Family

As a parent, you might be wondering: how do you choose between the many cloth nappy types? What style will suit your needs? How do you clean a cloth nappy? It seems like a lot, but don’t be overwhelmed. We’re here to make it simple for you.

There’s many brands, styles and materials of cloth nappies to choose from, but don’t worry. It’s not to overwhelm you, it’s to give you and your bub the best nappy for your specific needs.

Pocket Cloth Nappies

Pocket cloth nappies have a waterproof outer lining (usually PUL or lanolised wool) and an inner lining (usually suede cloth or microfleece) to form a pocket inside. That inner lining is the trick; fluid moves right through it so that baby’s skin stays dry. With a pocket nappy, you slide an absorbent nappy liner into the pocket, which has great potential for customising to your baby’s needs. If you need extra absorbency or a cushier material, you don’t have to buy a whole new nappy! Just switch out the nappy liner. Pocket nappies are especially great for active bubs and toddlers looking to stay dry on their adventures.

All-in-One Cloth Nappies

All-in-One (AIO) cloth nappies have waterproof covers pre-built into them - no extra fuss. They’re unbeatable for convenience, and they go on just like disposable nappies. Perfect for on-the-go, or to make your babysitter’s day.

All-in-Two Cloth Nappies

All-in-Two (AI2) reusable cloth nappies have a waterproof shell and (usually snap-fastening) absorbent inserts, which can be total game-changers for busy mums and dads. When your little one soils the nappy insert but not the shell, you don’t need to change the whole nappy - just the liner!

Reusable Swim Nappy

Swim nappies don’t need much explanation. When it comes to modern cloth nappies, swim nappies are created with lightweight and waterproof fabrics that won’t drag bubs down while they’re having fun at the beach or pool. You and your baby can enjoy a splash in comfort without anything nasty ending up in the water or in the landfill. B Eco Family stocks reusable swim nappies by Econaps and Bare and Boho (which are sold along with a waterproof nappy bag!)

Night Nappy

You and your baby both want them to stay dry and comfy all night. Modern reusable cloth night nappies (NN) are constructed with layers and layers of soft fabrics for maximum absorbency. Our most popular offerings for night nappies at B Eco Family include the ultra-adjustable Junior Tribe Co Nighty Nite AIO and the multi-award-winning Baby Beehinds Night Nappy.

OSFM Cloth Nappies

OSFM stands for One Size Fits Most. These super-convenient, super-reusable adjustable cloth nappies are as perfect as newborn nappies as they are when bub is ready to start toilet training. Eco-friendly and cost-effective, OSFM nappies can go the distance with your growing family.

Getting started with cloth nappies

Demystifying the tricky cloth nappy terminology

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you enter the modern cloth nappy (MCN) community is that there’s a lot of acronyms and initialisms.

If you’re buying new cloth nappies, then you only really need to know a couple: you’ve likely already bumped into AIO (All in One), AI2 (All in Two (2), NN (Night Nappies), and OSFM (One Size Fits Most) on this page.

Also helpful to know will be FS (Front Snapping) and SS (Side Snapping). We explain the community’s more advanced terms in our blog post here.

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Choosing a cloth nappy

There’s a lot of choices to make, when choosing a modern cloth nappy, from cloth types through different styles to fastenings. There’s a couple of factors you can consider to help you choose, though, so don’t panic. You have enough to worry about already!

Also, if even after reading you’re not sure what to choose, remember our 5 piece Cloth Nappy Trial Pack, that saves you 10%. It is a simple way to try several different cloth nappy styles at a very affordable cost.

For your inner nappy material, you’ll be picking between suede cloth, wicking, or PUL. In short: suede cloth stays dry while fluid gets absorbed by the nappy inserts. Wicking is better for sensitive skin, and PUL is more convenient for wiping down and reusing.

For nappy inserts, consider your baby’s output. Basically, hemp and bamboo nappy inserts are thirstier, and best for bigger outputs. Microfiber nappy inserts are more suited to smaller amounts of fluid.

In terms of nappy fastenings, it mostly comes down to snaps or velcro. Snaps provide a more customisable fit, and velcro is easier for people without as much strength in their hands.

For more detail on choosing a modern cloth nappy, check out our blog post on the topic.

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Start your cloth nappy journey today!

At B Eco Family, we think modern cloth nappies are the perfect way to be eco-friendly and stylish without too much effort. But we understand it can be hard to make the switch. We hope you have found this article useful and inspiring short introduction to the wide world of modern cloth nappies.

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