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❄️WINTER Sale is ON - 20% OFF all Winter stock❄️
❄️WINTER Sale is ON - 20% OFF all Winter stock❄️

Since 2018

Oh hey there and welcome to B Eco Family

Oh hey there and welcome to B Eco Family

The place where you can find quality baby essentials to support your parenting journey without the guilt of environmental impact.

At B Eco Family, we believe that quality products, carefully curated for lasting durability, not only elevate your everyday life but also save you money in the long run.

We celebrate meaningful and useful products designed to stand the test of time, advocating for quality over quantity.

Join us in choosing quality that lasts for a sustainable lifestyle for the whole family.

Small Local Business

With a personal touch that big corporations can’t offer, we carefully hand-pick the brands we stock and never compromise on quality. 80% of brands we sell are fellow small, female-run Aussie businesses.

Treasured Customers

You can always count on top-quality customer service at B Eco Family. But we offer more. Learn about eco-conscious parenting in our workshops, or visit us for a cloth nappy troubleshooting or general parenting advice.

Waste-Free Made Easy

We love Mother Earth. We curate our products to make your eco-friendly parenting journey a breeze. With a plastic-free policy, even our shipping is done with the environment in mind.

Shopping Here is Rewarding!

Shop and save with the B Eco rewards program. Bonus points when you create a customer account. JOIN NOW (find the Rewards icon on the bottom of your screen)

Fast and Affordable Shipping

Free Australia Shipping for all orders over $120. We dispatch orders every day. For the fastest delivery option choose express shipping at the checkout.

Experienced Team

Our friendly and expert team of four formidable mums includes doula and midwife in training. We all have personal, hands-on experience with the products sold at B Eco Family.

On a mission to reduce baby waste

B Eco Family exists because we understand one thing very
clearly. And that is that you want eco-friendly baby essentials - and you want that without compromising on quality or convenience.

And more than that?

You want to feel supported, empowered, and valued as a mother navigating the
challenges of parenthood.

Founded in 2018 by Olga, B Eco Family started as a handmade business with a single product, the Snap & Extend baby bodysuit extender.

Now, we are a one-stop eco-baby shop with thousands of products from 100 different brands.

A place to meet & help eco-conscious parents

This is what we stand for. What drives us. And what makes up the core of how we do what we do.

Planet-Caring Commitment for Everyone

At B Eco Family, sustainability isn't just a choice; it's at the heart of everything we do.

As Canberra's only store offering modern cloth nappies in person, we're dedicated to eco-friendly parenting.

Our focus on quality, reusable products for mums and babies reflects our authentic commitment to the environment.

We are more than just a store – we're your guide to creating a greener future for
our kids. Every choice you make, from our reusable baby items to organic
clothes and wooden toys, contributes to this goal.

Your small changes add up, shaping a healthier planet for our children and future generations.

Are you a true eco-warrior, or are you looking for small, easy changes to be more eco-conscious?

You found the right place.

Customer-Centric Excellence

At B Eco Family, we've redefined excellence with you in mind. Our customer-centric
approach goes beyond a service—it's a genuine connection. Whether you're in our beautiful store or clicking 'buy' online, you're not just a customer; you're a valued member of our community.

From swift, personal replies to helpful advice and a handwritten note in every
order, we ensure your experience with us is truly special.

Our inclusive and judgment-free environment ensures everyone feels at home, and our rewards
program is our way of expressing gratitude for choosing B Eco Family.

Excellent service is more than a goal for us; it's a heartfelt commitment to you.

Quality Within Reach

At B Eco Family, we believe that quality products, carefully curated for lasting durability, not only elevate your everyday life but also save you money in the long run.

We celebrate meaningful and useful products designed to stand the test of time, advocating for quality over quantity.

We envision a future where everyone can embrace sustainability without compromise, as we believe in providing products that not only endure but also contribute to a more sustainable and mindful way of living.

Join us in choosing quality that lasts for a sustainable lifestyle that's easily accessible to you and your family.

Thoughtfully Curated

At B Eco Family, we consider three key elements when selecting products for our curated range.

First, we choose brands that we use ourselves, ensuring they meet our high standards for quality and everyday usefulness.

Second, we listen to you, valuing your suggestions as we expand our range that resonates with your lifestyle.

Third, we passionately support other small Australian businesses, the majority led by
inspiring women, creating a ripple effect of empowerment with each purchase.

We priorities products that are safe and proven for babies and children, balancing quality
with affordability. Every new addition aligns with our values, ensuring we stay true to what we believe.

Kind and Caring Connections

At B Eco Family, we are guided by the profound truth that 'No act of kindness, no matter
how small, is ever wasted.' This philosophy forms the cornerstone of our commitment to fostering genuine connections.

Every interaction with you is more than a transaction; it's a shared moment of care.
Purchasing from us means becoming a cherished part of our community, where
kindness is not just a word but a guiding principle.

This approach extends to the exceptional brands we stock. Our network is built on mutual respect, creating a supportive ecosystem where everyone involved, from customers to the brands we stock, feels valued and appreciated.

The Team of Experienced Mums Here to Help You

Our friendly and expert team is currently comprised of four
members: Olga, Samantha, Naomi and Kalkidan.

We’re here and happy to help with all things eco-parenting related. We’re not just shop assistants - we are experienced mums (with 12 kids between us).

Our younger staff members are from large families, growing up surrounded by siblings and babies.

We all have personal, hands-on experience with the products sold at B Eco Family, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you.

While you can buy cloth nappies in store 7-days a week, visit us on Monday, or Friday when Olga, is in store - she is the bonafide experts on anything and everything modern cloth nappy related.

We’ll also help you to pick out the perfect gift. Be it for a new mum, a baby shower, or any other family-related occasion, we’ll help you find them something the whole family will love and treasure for years. Gone are the days of giving gifts that end up in a landfill straight after the party or break after one use.

Olga Imbriano

The owner (CEO) and the boss-mum at B Eco Family and Bellelis brand, the maker of baby bodysuit extenders.

The person with many hats behind most things at B Eco Family, with an amazing team of mums.


Doula and midwife in training, knows all there is about modern cloth nappies.

Samantha is taking a break for her studies, we can't wait to have her back.


Member of a large and lively family of 11, including 9 cool siblings. She is training to become an LSO for primary school. She is passionate about clean living and tackling global warming.


Born and raised in Ethiopia. Member of a traditional large and multigenerational family. She is currently pursuing her master at UC. She loves volunteering and helping others.

Meet the person who started it all...

Hello, I’m Olga, the founder and owner of B Eco Family (formerly known as Bellelis).

For as long as I can remember, I've had a big dream of owning my own business. In 2018, while on maternity leave with my second child, I turned that dream into a reality.

Since our launch in 2018, B Eco Family has grown beyond my wildest expectations. In 2021, I expanded our reach by adding a physical store in Canberra to complement the e-commerce platform.
It's both a pleasure and a privilege to offer sustainable products to new parents, supporting them on their eco-conscious journey.

Whether you're in need of reusable baby products, organic baby clothes, eco toys, or thoughtful gifts, I've got you covered.
And as a mum of two, I'm here to help with any baby-related troubles - from breastfeeding and postpartum care to teething, starting solids, and more.
If you are lost in the world of reusable modern cloth nappies and you are not sure where and how to start, come to the shop or connect online. Quick 15-minute chat and you can be saving money and the environment in no time.

When you shop with us, you're not just getting stuff; you're joining a community of parents who care about the planet. And hey, if you ever have questions or need advice on going green, just give me a shout. I'm here to help you make a difference, one small step at a time.

An Award Winning Business

Since 2018, when Olga Imbriano just started out with the Bellelis brand, the business now known as B Eco Family has received several prestigious nominations and accolades.