B Eco Family started as a humble sewing shop selling online a single handmade product - our signature Snap & Extend bodysuit extender under the Bellelis brand name.

But just like our babies do, the business has grown up in the blink of an eye. Now we’ve got the biggest range in Canberra of eco-friendly products to delight the whole family and we’re quite proudly your one-stop shop for all your environmentally conscious parenting needs.

We stock a huge variety of brands, hand-picked for their high quality and sustainability. We also sell our own handmade goods, including the legendary Snap & Extend bodysuit extender from which our whole business grew.

Have a browse right here in the online shop. Or if you live in ACT or surrounding areas, we’d love to see you in our B Eco Family’s baby shop in Canberra! We are located in Cooleman Court, Weston, ACT, on the 1st floor, close to Aldi.

Small Local Business

With a personal touch that big corporations can’t offer, we carefully hand-pick the brands we stock and never compromise on quality. 80% of brands we sell are fellow small, female-run Aussie businesses.

Experienced Team

Our friendly and expert team of four formidable mums includes doula and midwife in training. We all have personal, hands-on experience with the products sold at B Eco Family.

Treasured Customers

You can always count on top-quality customer service at B Eco Family. But we offer more. Learn about eco-conscious parenting in our workshops, or visit us for a cloth nappy troubleshooting or general parenting advice.

Waste-Free Made Easy

We love Mother Earth. We curate our products to make your eco-friendly parenting journey a breeze. With a plastic-free policy, even our shipping is done with the evironment in mind.

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Free Australia Shipping for all orders over $99. We dispatch orders every day. For the fastest delivery option choose express shipping at the checkout.
Our fundamental main mission at B Eco Family is to reduce the amount of waste that normally comes with baby care.

On a Mission to Reduce the Baby Waste

It’s a big task: more than 800 million disposable nappies clog up Australian landfills every year.

In response, we offer the alternative of modern cloth nappies - in 16 different brands to suit every parent’s purposes.

Disposable wet-wipes contain hazardous microplastics which do not break down. So, we sell handmade reusable wet wipes and change mats that your family can hold onto for years.

The average baby will grow out of up to 80 pieces of clothing by the time they’re two years old. Enter our Snap & Extend bodysuit extender, which can prolong the life of a baby’s bodysuit by up to a full year.

The list of environmental concerns associated with parenting goes on and on, and it stretches into later family life as well with things like plastic lunch wrappings. Hence, our collection of reusable dinnerware, lunch boxes, and our ever-popular stock of the ultra-durable MontiiCo reusable coffee cups, drink bottles and more.

We’ve got you and Mother Nature both covered in every aspect of family life.

We all want our children to inherit the best and most beautiful planet possible, but we also want to give them the best care in their infancy. We at B Eco Family strive to provide you with sustainable, reusable products that let you do both.

A place to meet & help eco-conscious parents

B Eco Family started as an online shop, but we’ve since opened our physical storefront as well.

The main driver for a shopfront was to connect with and build up a community of like-minded eco-conscious families.

Parenting can be overwhelming. Come and meet others, get some help or just an encouragement on your parenting eco-journey.

We hope that through B Eco Family, you will have a place to meet one another and feel more supported by our community.

Come to one of our regular in-store workshops, or just chat with one of our experienced mums about any cloth nappy troubleshooting or general parenting advice.

The Team of Experienced Mums Here to Help You

Our friendly and expert team is currently comprised of four
members: Olga, Samantha, Naomi and Kalkidan.

We’re here and happy to help with all things eco-parenting related. We’re not just shop assistants - we are experienced mums (with 12 kids between us). Our younger staff members are from large families, growing up surrounded by siblings and babies.

We all have personal, hands-on experience with the products sold at B Eco Family, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you.

While you can buy cloth nappies in store 7-days a week, visit us on Monday, or Friday when Olga, is in store - she is the bonafide experts on anything and everything modern cloth nappy related.

We will help you choose the perfect cloth nappy for your bub. We can also help and give you troubleshooting tips for any problems related to modern cloth nappies. We are happy to help even with nappies not bought from us.

We’ll also help you to pick out the perfect gift. Be it for a new mum, a baby shower, or any other family-related occasion, we’ll help you find them something the whole family will love and treasure for years. Gone are the days of giving gifts that end up in a landfill straight after the party or break after one use.

Meet the person who started it all...

Hi, I’m Olga.
Officially, I’m the founder and owner of B Eco Family (formerly known as Bellelis), but I prefer the title of mumpreneur (that is a mash-up of mum and entrepreneur, if you’ve never heard the term before).

Since we started in 2018, our baby business has grown more than I ever imagined. It was a single product (Snap & Extend bodysuit extender) in the corner of our family room, and now it’s a online as well as physical store with more than 80 different brands in stock.

Throughout it all, we’ve stayed committed to our core values - no matter what, B Eco Family will always prioritise quality, customer service, and environmental sustainability. We do all this to help your family be more eco friendly.

If you see me in the store, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! I love to do all I can to help families make the switch to an eco-conscious lifestyle.

We sell what we love and use everyday

Yes, we do actually use and genuinely recommend the products we sell.

My own family’s personal favourites are the MontiiCo reusable coffee cups and water bottles, the Bedhead Hats, and various bath toys, Montessori toys and puzzles, Art & Craft supplies of the B Eco Family stock. For our family washing I use The Dirt Company laundry detergent (sold in store only).

For myself, I love the reusable period products: namely the menstrual cup and reusable pads. I really believe in helping people to find the right period product for them, at a lower cost to the environment.

My favourite products I use every day are the natural deodorants (Bergamot, Grapefruit & Lime from Natural Approach is my everyday-go-to),
and my must-have Melvory natural cosmetics - Peach oil cleanser, Green tea cleanser, and Probiotic face cream help with my facial care.

Sharing an eco-conscious family lifestyle means living an eco-conscious family lifestyle, so that’s exactly what I and my whole team commit to doing.

Committed to the Customer and Environment

Now that we have a physical shop, we’re able to offerin-shop consultations and hands-on troubleshooting.Even if the product causing you problems wasn’t bought from us, we’re always more than happy to help you out.

The Journey: From A Single Online Product to Baby Shop with 1000+ Goods

B Eco Family was born from hard times.I was trying to care for both my injured father in the hospital and my six-month-old daughterat home. It was a crazy, stressful period of my life, and you can imagine how little time I had for something like shopping for baby clothes.
But babies still grow, no matter how busy you are. In fact, they can grow out of 35-40 bodysuits just in their first year of life! My six-month-old was growing as babies do, and that made the environment a source of stress for me as well.I didn’t want to waste every suit my daughter grew out of, especially when it still fit everywhere but the base.

I hunted around for the super-convenient bodysuit extenders I had used on my oldest daughter, but couldn’t find the product anywhere in Australia.

I decided that if I couldn’t find it, I’d create it. I sewed the first Snap & Extend bodysuit extender… and then I sewed a few more. I started selling them online.

And then, somehow, that all snowballed into my own small business. At first, it was just an online shop called Bellelis, which to date is our own brand we sell.

Our first physical shop opened in 2021 in Kambah. In August of 2022, we sized up to the shop in Cooleman Court, and the B Eco Family we know and love today!

I could never have imagined how this incredible thing rose up from my hardship, or how astonishingly fast it’s grown.

Owning and operating B Eco Family is truly a dream come true for me, as I get to help other mums with the same concerns as I had.

I hope that together with my team and my customers I can continue to help make parenting easier, more affordable and more sustainable for many years to come!