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We offer 3 different snap button sizes. 

9mm button is compatible with - Bonds* (mostly), Target*, H&M*, Marks & Spencer*, Cotton:On, Country Road, BigW*, Best&Less*, Sprout*, Petit Bateau, Boody Baby, Purebaby, Snuggle Hunny, Jamie Kay* ....

10mm button is compatible with - BigW*, K-mart, Seed, H&M*, Bonds*(new collection), Best&Less*, Ollie’s Place, Sprout*, Target*, Toots, Marks & Spencer*, Jamie Kay*, Carters, Oshkosh ...

8mm button is compatible with - Jamie Kay*
NOT COMPATIBLE with the latest Jamie Kay collection Forever floral and Pointelle collection of bodysuits (our extenders with 10 mm button are compatible with those). NOT COMPATIBLE with the relaxed fit (no JK tag on the side) and new Essential bodysuits. New collection seems to have 9 mm button.
To purchase the correct extender for Jami Kay suits we highly recommended to get our sample buttons first.


* Brands that use both snap button sizes on their different collections. 

We have tried our extenders on listed brands
and we didn't come across any bodysuits that wouldn't fit
one of our snap buttons, however,
we can't 100% guarantee that they will fit all bodysuits
as the brands might change their snap buttons from time to time. 

Still not sure which one you need?
Order sample snap buttons to try them out.

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