Why organic clothing is important for your baby

January 28, 2023
Why organic clothing is important for your baby
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Snuggle Hunny and Fibre for Good: why organic clothing is important for your baby

Every new parent wants what's best for their child, and when it comes to clothing, that means choosing organic. Babys' skin is delicate and sensitive, so choosing fabrics that won't irritate or cause allergies is essential.

Organic cotton is soft and gentle, making it the perfect choice for your baby. Not to mention, organic clothing is better for the environment too! So why not make the switch to today? Your child will thank you for it!

You can find organic baby clothing here online or at B Eco Family, Canberra Baby shop in Cooleman Court Weston.

The importance of organic clothing for your baby's health

Research has shown that organic cotton baby clothes are an effective way to keep your baby's skin healthy and natural. Not only are they free from harmful substances, but also offer some of the softest, most comfortable fabrics for your little one compare to synthetic fibres.

The natural fibres in organic clothing for babies help create a barrier against irritants or allergens, reducing the probability of developing eczema - keeping your baby cozy, safe, and happy! And organic products benefit your baby's health; organic cotton is sustainable and helps reduce negative environmental impacts. So when looking out for your baby's best interest, always select organic!

How organic clothing is made and why it's better for the environment

Clothing is made with planet-friendly practices that care for our planet. Made with fine textiles and materials, without synthetic chemicals or pesticides; they are gentle on the baby's skin and the environment.

As sustainable manufacturing has become increasingly important, many Australia-based businesses have started using environmentally friendly methods to produce eco-friendly baby clothing that takes care of our world. With a minimal contribution to global warming and water pollution, organic cotton proves to be better for both our planet and the people who wear it, including your baby.

Understanding GOTS Certification: The Standard for Organic and Sustainable Cotton Textiles

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a certification standard for organic textiles, including clothing, home textiles and personal care products. The standard is intended to ensure that products labelled as organic are produced according to strict environmental and social criteria, including the use of organic natural fibres, restrictions on the use of toxic chemicals, and requirements for fair labour practices. It is the ethical solution for our planet.

To be GOTS certified, a product must contain a minimum of 70% organic natural fibres and the entire manufacturing process, from harvesting the raw materials to the final product, must meet the standard's criteria.

GOTS certification is recognized globally and is considered one of the most stringent standards for organic textiles.

How to Identify GOTS Certified Clothing: Look for the Label and Check the GOTS Website

To know if clothing is GOTS certified, look for the GOTS label or logo on the item or packaging. The label should include the GOTS logo, the name of the certifying body, and the manufacturer's license number. Additionally, you can check the GOTS website (global-standard.org) for a list of certified manufacturers and their products.

Benefits of Gots Certified Organic Cotton Over Conventional

Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, making it a safer option for babies. Organic cotton is also free from harmful chemicals that can irritate a baby's delicate skin. In addition, organic cotton is more planet-friendly as it supports farmers who care about the environmental impact of their business.

Furthermore, organic cotton is often softer and more durable, unlike conventional cotton, making it a more comfortable and long-lasting choice for baby clothes, blankets, and other items. Overall, choosing organic cotton products for babies is a healthier and more eco-friendly option.

Quality, Sustainability, and a Clear Conscience come with a higher price tag

Organic cotton baby's clothes tends to be more expensive than conventional cotton clothing due to the additional costs associated with planet-friendly farming methods. However, many consumers feel that the added value of knowing that their clothing was produced using environmentally friendly methods outweighs the higher cost. Additionally, organic cotton is often considered to be of higher quality than conventional cotton, which can contribute to its perceived value.

Ultimately, the price vs value of baby organic clothing is a personal decision that depends on the individual's priorities and values.

The Best Way to Care for Organic Cotton Clothing to Keep Them Looking and Feeling Fabulous

Washing instructions easy to follow

Caring for organic baby clothes is an important part to ensure they last longer, you should follow a few simple steps: Wash organic materials in cold or warm water with a detergent that does not contain harsh chemicals. Give them their gentlest drying cycle possible – air drying is always best!

To avoid wear over time, fasten buttons, zips and ties before laundering. Taking care to keep organic baby clothes clean and fresh will ensure they last longer!

Air Drying vs. Tumble Drying

When it comes to caring for organic cotton baby's clothes, it's best to air dry the items rather than using a tumble dryer. Tumble drying can cause shrinkage and damage to the fabric, potentially reducing the lifespan of the clothing.

Additionally, air drying is more energy-efficient and can save you money on your energy bill. If you need to dry the clothing quickly, you can use a clothesline or drying rack to hang the items outside or indoors. Keep organic garments away from direct sunlight, especially here in Australia, as this can cause discolouration. Overall, air drying is the most gentle and eco-friendly option for organic cotton baby's clothes.

Where to find stylish organic baby clothes

Shopping for your little bundle of joy doesn't have to be a difficult and daunting task. B Eco Family in Canberra is your one-stop shop for stylish and sustainable baby clothes.

They're a stockist of organic brands like Snuggle Hunny and Fibre for Good, so you can be sure that everything you buy is ethically produced. Not only that, but B Eco Family also has knowledgeable staff who can give informed advice on how to make planet-friendly lifestyle choices!

Snuggle Hunny and Fibre For Good Australian-based businesses looking out for our planet

Snuggle Hunny and Fibre For Good are two Australian-based businesses that are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. They both offer sustainable quality alternatives to traditional mass-produced baby products.

These businesses are not only looking out for the planet but also for the health and well-being of their customers by providing high-quality, toxin-free products.

Snuggle Hunny: Celebrating Bubs and Embracing the World Around Us with Organic, Eco-friendly Baby Products

Snuggle Hunny is Australia's premier baby brand, known for creating beautiful and snuggly baby clothes, swaddles, wraps, milestone cards, and accessories that embrace the world around us and are better for babies, people, and the planet.

Their focus is on bringing joy and delight to parents and helping everyone celebrate all the snuggly moments in a baby's life journey.

Snuggle Hunny Brand

Fibre for Good: Addressing Environmental Issues in the Fashion Industry with Organic Natural Colour Cotton

Carl Ludwig and Fiona Su, friends and co-founders of Fibre for Good, established their company to address the environmental issues they witnessed in the fashion industry. The idea for the company came to Carl when he saw a clothing factory in Bangladesh using 2700 litres of water to produce a single t-shirt.

He knew something had to be done to create affordable, quality garments ethically and sustainably. Their research discovered Organic Natural Colour Cotton (ONCC) as a solution. Unlike commercially grown cotton, which is genetically modified for higher yields and whiter fibres, ONCC is a natural and sustainable alternative.

In conclusion, here are the top 5 Reasons to Consider the Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing for Your Baby.

  • Organic Cotton Clothes are Eco-friendly

  • Organic Cotton is Non-hypoallergenic

  • Organic Cotton Clothing is Durable

  • Organic Cotton is Better for Your Baby's Skin

  • Quality, Sustainability, and a Clear Conscience, better for you, better for our planet

Dressing your baby in organic clothes is one way you can help reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals and improve their overall health. Not to mention, certified organic cotton is better for the environment since it requires less water and energy to produce than synthetic materials. And when you buy from companies like Snuggle Hunny or Fibre For Good, you can feel good knowing that you're supporting businesses that are looking out for our planet.

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to organic baby clothes today!

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