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Cloth Nappy Storage

Cloth Nappy Storage

Let’s Talk MCN: Cloth Nappy Storage

You’ve made the decision to use cloth nappies and you’ve bought your stash of 24 nappies per child, but now where do you store them all? Do you display or shut away? We’re going to show you the various ways to store your stash!

On Display

These stashes of cloth nappies are the ones you see in IG posts or in the many cloth nappies groups, with the curated and organised way of showing them off. These stashes are the ones newbies dream of having, and possibly one day will. These are often nursery features, and a conversion starter for people on the fence about cloth.


Shut Away

These are the stashes of cloth nappies that live in drawers and under change tables, their owners opting for functional organisation rather than a display. These stashes by virtue of their location live incredibly close by to changing areas to aid in a quick cloth nappy change.



Disassembled Stash of Cloth Nappies
These stashes live in washing baskets unstuffed and not put away. I myself have my stash like this half the time, missing out on time after a main wash to sort them out. Many parents have theirs like this too, some saying it’s easier to grab what you need and go.


 No matter how you store your stash, you deserve all the applause for using cloth nappies. It’s not always easy to keep on top of, and any way that works for you and your family is a good way.

Learn all about cloth nappies in our modern cloth nappies guide or shop cloth nappies from our extensive range of styles from 16+ brands.

written by morganaveril.mcn

Special thanks to @sophierosesymons, @emmajane7890, @chloerjewell_, Dana Painter, and Little J Smear

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